Fire Fans at Sunset

Roux Brûlée is a dancer and circus artist in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My performance explores the temporality, grace, and humor of the human condition. I encourage play in the embrace of vulnerability, through which the world opens to wonder. Costume highlights abstractions of form and emotion in dance, clown, and fire. The audience is invited to question the transience of identity.

I live in the Bay Area, though much of my inspiration is drawn from New Orleans, where I’ve left my heart. I am the Managing Director of Clown Lab SF, working alongside Dan Griffiths. I’m also the current Assistant-Shin of Ministry of Flow Fire Conclave of San Francisco. I teach dance and performance workshops at festivals and from my Oakland studio. My favorite stage is the street.

My work “Wind Up Together” appeared in the 2017 San Francisco Flow Show and 2017 Pacific Fire Gathering. My most recent piece, “Walking on Air,” closed the 10th anniversary of the San Francisco Flow Show.